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For the Home: Wine-Cork Ornaments

December 9, 2008

wine-cork-ornaments-1209081As a wine-lover and pack-rat, I always tend to have a few old wine corks on hand in my kitchen “junk” drawer. So, drawing on inspiration from a few other crafters, I created these cork Christmas-tree ornaments.

Making them is super-simple:

  1. Punch a hole through the middle of the cork using a hammer and long, thick nail (be sure to do this on a hard surface like a work table, garage floor or sidewalk);
  2. Straighten a large paperclip (I used the colorful coated ones) and push it through the cork;
  3. String the bottom end of the paperclip through a tassel (you’ll find easy instructions for how to make one here);
  4. Bend the bottom end of the paperclip around to secure the tassel using a pair of needle-nose pliers;
  5. String a few decorative beads, if you like, onto the top end of the paperclip; then
  6. Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the top end of the paperclip into an attractive spiral that can be attached to an ornament hook.

Done, easy and cost-free!