For Kids: Old Crayons Made New

recycled-crayons-121408Here’s an easy gift you can make for kids with old and broken crayon stubs: chunky, recycled multi-color crayons in a variety of shapes. My son and I made a bunch of these this weekend, and he was delighted to be able to once again use all those old crayons that were too short for him to handle.

You can find easy-to-follow instructions here. (One note: though the directions here say to melt your crayons in a 150-degree oven, I found mine didn’t start melting until I upped the temperature to 200 degrees.)



  1. 1
    thirdgradeaunt Says:

    I thought you would enjoy this idea.

    It’s something I’m going to try out with my niece this summer. If our stones look half as good as the ones in the picture, we’ll be doing well!

    ❤ Stephanie

  2. 2
    greenforlife Says:

    Very neat idea, Stephanie! I never saw this one before. Thanks for the suggestion!

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